Logging into MyOKWU

  • Click the blue "Login" button in the top right corner of the page. You will be redirected to our OKWU sign-in page, where you will enter your username (firstname.lastname) and password.
  • We strongly advise setting up a mobile authenticator app like Microsoft or Google Authenticator, as those are a more consistent way to receive OTPs (One-time passwords), a security measure you will need to use frequently.


Additional Help:

  • Please refer to our knowledgebase articles HERE for additional information and frequently asked questions.


If you need to reset your login information, have questions, or need to report an issue with MyOKWU, please contact the helpdesk by emailing  or call us at (918) 335-6232.




Changing Your Password

NOTE: Before beginning the change password process, users must first provide an alternate, personal email address 

This will allow users 24/7 access to update or reset access to their MyOKWU account.

Once that is done, go through the following steps:

    1. Log in to MyOKWU using your OKWU username (firstname.lastname format) and current password. (For first-time users, these will be the credentials sent to your personal email when your MyOKWU account was activated.)
    2. Complete the information for Alternate Email and Challenge Questions/Answers.
      1. An alternate email address. This can be any email address other than your OKWU- email address, which includes emails that end in “” or “”.
      2. Identify and answer two (2) security questions. The questions will be used whenever a user requests to reset a password in the future. Responses to security questions will not be case-sensitive.
    3. Press “Continue”
    4. Accept the terms and conditions for network usage.
    5. Enter your current password for MyOKWU. (First-time users will need to set their password using the link sent to their personal email when their MyOKWU account was activated.)
    6. Enter a new password and select “Continue.”